19. Sep, 2018

Acid Factory Malayalam Movie Download

Acid Factory Malayalam Movie Download >>> DOWNLOAD

Five people trapped in a factory where two hostages and three are kidnappers but they them self do not know who are kidnappers and hostages.As they all are suffering from temporary memory loss.

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original title: Acid Factory

genge: Action,Crime,Mystery,Thriller

imdb: 6.7

duration: 1h 48min

keywords: memoryloss, undercover, trust, shorttermmemoryloss, paranoia, memorylapse, jumpcut, amnesia





































Five people trapped in a factory where two hostages and three are kidnappers but they them self do not know who are kidnappers and hostages.As they all are suffering from temporary memory loss. Cape Town Police's Assistant Commissioner Ranbir Singh travels to Durban to meet with undercover Agent Romeo and assigns him a special task. Shortly thereafter Romeo is attacked, loses his consciousness and when he regains it, finds himself trapped in an acid factory along with four other males. One of the males is tied to a chair, while another is handcuffed. All of them soon realize that due to the presence of Pentane - a gas that induces memory loss - they are not even able to remember their names. They do manage to gain each other trusts' and even release their two comrades. While they discuss their situation, they are confronted by an unknown gun-toting female, also suffering from memory loss, and soon realize that two of them are actually abducted and are being held for ransom by the other three. What I like about this film is that it stayed true to its script (and its inspiration, the film Unknown)…apart from adding a couple of redundant item numbers, it didn't stray from its main storyline and add sub-plots, emotion, drama just to spice things up. And, probably for the umpteenth time, here is a film with an interesting premise, which doesn't live up to its full promise, in this case due to a weak ending and possibly flawed editing.

This is a story about some characters, all toughies, who wake up with temporary memory loss, in a sealed acid factory and have no idea who they are or why they are there. Two are bound, the others are free, but they cannot go out of the premises or make any calls. Slowly, they figure out what their next steps should be, both collectively and individually. And they have to figure out who to trust and who to watch out for. They have different characteristics as well, each one defined reasonably clearly. One is more a 'detective', one a 'scientist', another is dressed as a Casanova, one is a tapori and one just a regular tough guy.

The flashback technique was inappropriate for me, in this film, as it gave too much away. And the ending was tame, you wait for a big twist but its just a tame one (faulty editing being the culprit for me) and it doesn't make the two hours or so worth it.

This is yet another film which unnecessarily chooses a fancy locale (South Africa) with no reason at all (apart from a willing producer) why this film (75% of which is in a warehouse) couldn't have been shot completely locally. The cast, comprising exclusively of the 'almost famous' and 'has beens' delivers quite well, no complaints here. And the opening titles sequence is interesting, using a 'green negative' kind of effect which is interesting.

What this film needed though was a spectacular ending, to make the whole experience worthwhile. Currently, you leave with the impression of a couple of hours spent reasonably, but not entirely worth it. More reviews at apurvbollywood at blogspot.com Acid Factory is yet another film by White Feathers, the color tone of the film is similar to Kaante, The story is borrowed from Unknown a Hollywood film. Instead of Sanju, Suneil Shetty we have a starcast of Manoj Bajpai, Danny, Aftab, Dino, Irrfan and Fardeen Khan alongwith Dia Mirza. The film has a different plot, treated like a Hollywood film going back and forte but is ruined by some unintentionally hilarious scenes, Also the film tends to get sluggish at times yet in all fairness a novel idea quite well presented.

Direction by Suparn Verma is good Music is okay

Amongst actors Manoj Bajpai hams his way through the role, but does have his moments, This were the days when he was struggling for a comeback and not getting good roles Danny is superb, Irrfan Khan breezes his way to a done to death role by him, Aftab Shivdasani is quite good, Dino Morea annoys while Fardeen Khan is good in his part, Dia Mirza is superb in her new avtar sadly it didn't take her further, Neha is decent


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